Kamla Nehru Institute of Physical and Social Sciences, Sultanpur UP
Affiliated to Dr. Ram Manohar Lohia Avadh University Ayodhya U.P.


Department of Political Science

About Us
The Department of Political Science is an eminent Department of the Institute established in 1973. Dr. Zafar Ali Khan Hashmi was the first Head of the Department. The Department was upgraded to a post-Graduate Department in 1996. The general focus of the Department lies in teaching and learning through various academic and extension activities. The students are taught theoretically and practically in various theories and practical processes of political systems. The emphasis of teaching lies in initiating the students in key processes of Indian political system such as, voting rights, secularism, community development, relevance of Gandhism in present political context etc.

Faculty Members
Head of Department : Mrs. Ranjana Singh
(Associate Professor) Contact : 8004929291
Email: cashknipss@gmail.com
Mr. Anurag Pandey
(Associate Professor) Contact : 9454844444
Email: anuragp31aug@gmail.com
Dr. Jitendra Kumar Singh
(Assistant Professor) Contact : 8874258270
Email: drjitendrasingh15@gmail.com
Dr. Ajit Kumar Singh
(Assistant Professor) Contact : 9453384144
Email: ajitsingh753@gmail.com
Research Interest:
Political ThoughtKNIPSS PROFILE
Research Interest:
International Politics KNIPSS PROFILE
Research Interest:
Indian Government & Politics
Research Interest:
Indian Government & PoliticsKNIPSS PROFILE