Kamla Nehru Institute of Physical and Social Sciences, Sultanpur UP
Affiliated to Dr. Ram Manohar Lohia Avadh University Ayodhya U.P.


Computer Centre

As a Central facility for All...

In 2001, Computer Centre established as Central Facilities for Students as well as Teachers. Computer running several programs i.e. Diploma/Certificates for our college students and teachers. Its also very usefull for Research Scholars and Professors to collect information regarding thier subjects.
The Computer Centre provides quality service to the community in computing facilities, learning, teaching, training, Research, e-mailing, website hosting, Development and Management etc. As well as the core IT systems, tools and services that keep the College running day-to-day and it helps researchers to get their valuable data analysed, extends Internet facilities in the College, enables access to World Wide Web and provides laboratory facility to the students of various courses. The centre caters the needs of the students, faculty and staff members of the Coolege.

Function of Computer Centre

  • To provide a central computing facility with Network Server for all the students and staff of the College.
  • To make the facility available and also offer possible assistance in conducting their research, analysing their data, etc.
  • To organise and conduct short term courses for the students and staff of the College.
  • To assist various Departments in College in computerizing their activities.
  • To establish, coordinate, maintain and administer campus-wide Network including Internet and allied services.
  • To work as co-ordinating centre in networking with computer centres of other universities for exchange of expertise and software.
  • To promote and also to undertake Consultancy/Contractual work relating to use of computer facilities or developing software on payment basis, for generating revenue for upkeep/upgrading of computer centre facilities, as per the Rules/Statutes/Ordinances of the College. Such work can be carried out either independently or as a joint venture with other professionals from public or private sectors.
  • To keep track of the latest developments in Computer Hardware/Software/internet technologies and collect information, acquire and impart knowledge to the college staff, to collect and collate information/data to facilitate staff and students.
  • To develop human resource in the field of Information and Communication Technology.
  • To coordinate and extend support to various departments in college to organize classroom teaching.

The centre provides the following other facilities:

  • Digital Teaching Support service
  • Teaching and learning through well Equipped Computer lab
  • Virtual e-Class room cum Studio for production and recording of video lectures as per Syllabus.
  • Computer training to Research Scholars and Staff
  • High Standard of Campus security through CCTV Surveillance.
  • Campus Wi-Fi Setup for all Students, staff, Guest house, Hostel and residential area.
  • Support college admission and administration
  • Computer Certification courses
  • IT Services and consultancy