Kamla Nehru Institute of Physical and Social Sciences, Sultanpur UP
Affiliated to Dr. Ram Manohar Lohia Avadh University Ayodhya U.P.


Capacity Building

KNIPSS has a stellar Career Services department that not only provides exemplary services and prepares students for competitive examinations but also provides sector leadership in employability development through their training vertical and enhanced thier inner efficiancy. Activities such as discussions, blogging, personality profiling, competency mapping, domain knowledge tests, aptitude testing and job posting communication, that provide opportunities for career planning and skill enhancement for sustainable student outcomes, are also arranged.
1. Soft Skills : These soft skills play a vital role in personal and professional efficiency development. The workshops are planned to train the students to play various roles in society as a team leader, guide, and a good communicator. This enables the student to develop strategies to improve communication, listening skills. The workshops on stress management, time management, financial management, team management prepare the students to handle the situation in crisis in personal and professional life.
2. Language and Communication Skills : Communication Skills: This skill enables the students to understand the types, importance of communication skills. Communication that takes place across various contexts, e.g. verbal, nonverbal, interpersonal, family, professional, intercultural The workshop also makes them aware of the various barriers of communication and the adverse effects of miscommunication. Language Enrichment Programme: Students are admitted from various cultural diversities and mother tongue. Training programs in Hindi and English language for students who are not well versed with Hindi and English language are conducted. This will help the students to develop better communication skills with peers and patients from the local community.
3. Life Skills (Yoga, Physical Fitness, Health and Hygine) :
Life skills are essential skills that enables one to effectively deal with everyday challenges of life. Life skills help people protect themselves and promote health by taking positive actions. We live in a dynamic world, in this constantly changing environment, having life skills is an essential part that would enable us to meet the everyday challenges of life. To cope with the increasing pace and change of modern life, students need new life skills such as the ability to deal with stress and frustration.
4. ICT / Computing Skills: As the result of the advancement of science and technology the boom of information and technology in communication plays an inevitable role in day to day’s lives. In this era we focus on technical skills for communicating with each other. ICT is a mode of education used for all the fields around the world. We are giving our students the best education to enhance their technical skills by giving them the best opportunities to improve and to reproduce their knowledge production.

Soft Skills
Language and Communication Skills
Life Skills (Yoga, Physical Fitness, Health and Hygine)
ICT / Computing Skills
2020-21 पीडीएफ़
2020-21 पीडीएफ़
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KNIPSS Activity